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European Mediation Training for Practitioners of Justice, 19-31.08.2013

European Mediation Training for Practitioners of Justice

LOCATION: Brussels, Belgium

DATE: August 19-31, 2013

Limited number of places (first come first served)

Early Bird Registration until 1st of February 2013 (20% reduction)

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EMTPJ 2013
After three years of consecutive success, the Association for International Arbitration (AIA) is proud to announce the fourth edition of its unique European Mediation Train-ing for Practitioners of Justice (EMTPJ).
AIA initiated the EMTPJ project in 2010, with the support of the European Commission and in collaboration with the HUB University of Brussels and the Warwick University. It presents an opportunity for participants from around the world to get together and become trained and specialised as a new type of mediators, since the adoption of the EU Directive 2008/52/EC on Certain Aspects of Mediation in Civil and Commercial Matters.
EMTPJ participants can be experienced mediators (e.g. with over 10 years of experi-ence) or beginners who want to follow an intensive 2 week training program to be-come a mediator specialized in civil and commercial cross border matters.
EMTPJ is recognized by the Belgian Federal Mediation Commission, as well as by a large number of other regulative bodies and mediation providers in and beyond Europe.
EMTPJ is a 100-hour course comprising 11 days of intensive training and one assess-ment day at the end of the program. The training is conducted in English and the maximum number of attendees is limited to 30 people. The program is divided in two parts. One part focuses mainly on theoretical issues and aims to introduce partici-pants to the second part of the course, which provides further insights into the practi-cal experience.
The faculty of EMTPJ is impressive and unites great minds in the field of mediation from around the world, including Mr. Johan Billiet, Dr. Paul R Gibson, Ms. Linda Reijerk-erk, Ms. Lenka Hora Adema, Mr. Philippe Billiet and Mr. Willem Meuwissen.
EMTPJ alumni have given excellent feedback on the EMTPJ training sessions and strongly recommend this course to all legal practitioners. Thus, one of the former par-ticipants said that in only two intensive weeks he acquired all the necessary knowl-edge to start up a mediation practice. He also described the trainers as “exceptionally qualified and experienced multinational persons that pose wide background and knowledge on the matter of mediation and can turn theory into practical training”.
For more details and for all questions regarding the possibility to attend EMTPJ course or only a part of it, please contact:
To get more information about EMTPJ program, schedule and lecturers, and to regis-ter for the course, please visit the website

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