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Jacob Grierson, Annet van Hooft, ARBITRATING UNDER THE 2012 ICC RULES

Jacob Grierson, Annet van Hooft, ARBITRATING UNDER THE 2012 ICC RULES. AN INTRODUCTORY USER’S GUIDE, ISBN 9789041138170, Wolters Kluwer, 2012, 376 p.

Un volum interesant pentru comunitatea arbitrala romana, mai ales prin referire la clauzele care sunt inserate clauze ICC, desi din prezentare se poate intelege ca se refera la  o introducere pentru (detalii).


An introductory guide to arbitrating under the NEW ICC Rules of Arbitration, which differ significantly from the previous (1998) rules. This is the first guide on the ICC rules for non-specialists, whether private practice or in-house lawyers. Its aim is to do away with the mystique that shrouds ICC arbitration, so that all lawyers have a clearer understanding of the subject, for the purpose of (a) deciding whether to opt for ICC arbitration, (b) drafting ICC arbitration clauses and (c) handling actual ICC arbitrations in the most effective way. The book is written in such a way that either it can be read quickly in its entirety, for an overall understanding of how ICC arbitration works, or else specific parts can be read on their own to obtain rapid questions to specific questions.

 Table of contents

Preface. Note Concerning the Applicability of the 2012 Version of the ICC Rules. Chapter 1 Introduction 1. Part I Preliminary Matters. Chapter 2 Key Innovations under the 2012 ICC Rules. Chapter 3 Why Choose ICC Arbitration?. Chapter 4 How to Draft an ICC Arbitration Clause. Chapter 5 The Different Actors in an ICC Arbitration. Part II Opening Moves. Chapter 6 Negotiation and Mediation. Chapter 7 Pre-arbitral Requests for Interim Measures. Chapter 8 Filing a Request for Arbitration. Chapter 9 Responding to a Request for Arbitration. Chapter 10 Joinder of Additional Parties. Part III Initial Decisions by the Court. Chapter 11 Jurisdictional Objections. Chapter 12 Place of the Arbitration. Chapter 13 Consolidation of Arbitrations. Chapter 14 Constitution of the Arbitral Tribunal. Chapter 15 Advance on Costs. Part IV Procedure Before the Arbitral Tribunal. Chapter 16 First Steps Taken by the Arbitral Tribunal. Chapter 17 Interim Measures Applications. Chapter 18 Written Submissions, Exhibits, Witness Statements and Expert Reports. Chapter 19 Document Requests. Chapter 20 The Evidentiary Hearing. Chapter 21 Post-Hearing Submissions. Chapter 22 Challenges to and Replacement of Arbitrators. Part V The Award. Chapter 23 Making the Award. Chapter 24 Correcting and Clarifying the Award. Chapter 25 Annulment Proceedings. Chapter 26 Enforcing the Award: the New York Convention. Annex 1 2012 ICC Arbitration Rules. Annex 2 Model Request for Arbitration. Annex 3 Model Answer. Annex 4 Model Request for Joinder. Annex 5 Model Terms of Reference. Annex 6 Model Procedural Order No. 1. Annex 7 Model Document Request. Glossary. Bibliography. Index.

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